Humber Bay Park & Parkdale

Yesterday I went to Humber Bay Park, a waterfront park located in Etobicoke that is home to the new Toronto driftwood sign. Toronto locals Julie Ryan and Thelia Sanders-Shelton had worked in secret for seven days to build this sign, and it was the first time either of them had worked with driftwood. The sign is so… Continue reading Humber Bay Park & Parkdale


Coldplay in Toronto

Last Tuesday, I went to go watch the Coldplay Concert at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. I've heard amazing things about the band's concerts last summer, so I was excited to go - yet I wasn't too excited since my friends and I had bought the 500 row seats (basically the seats furthest away from… Continue reading Coldplay in Toronto

August Favourites

My birthday is in August, making it my favourite month by default. I also find that the long weekend in August is also a good time for my family to get together for trips. This year, we went to the Tobermory and Collingwood (Blue Mountain) area to do some hiking, picnic lunches, and boat riding.… Continue reading August Favourites

Best Foods in Toronto

One of the things that I appreciate most about Toronto is the diversity of foods available. From Thai to Cuban, I can probably do a world food tour in this one city. I used to have a "one time restaurant" rule, where I would try to go to a restaurant only once so that I… Continue reading Best Foods in Toronto