Budapest is by far one of my favourite cities that I’ve ever visited. There are tons of cool places to check out around the city – from thermal baths to majestic castles – and a large variety of restaurant offerings. My eyes were always glued to the window as I rode the bus around town, just because there were so many beautiful buildings and scenery to take in. It was also a really affordable trip, considering that our round trip flight from Milan cost less than $50 CAD, and our Airbnb cost about $75 for four nights, per person.

Here are my top recommendations for things to do and eat in Budapest:



  • Heroes’ Square: features statues of some of the most important national leaders and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
  • House of Terror: a memorial museum dedicated to victims of the fascist and communist regimes in the 20th-century in Hungary. It was a really heavy and thought-provoking museum – there was a lot to take in – and made me realize the true horrors of our world’s past.



The food in Budapest is as amazing as it is cheap. In addition to Hungarian cuisine, you will be able to find a large variety of other cuisines including Thai, Middle Eastern, Greek etc. Here are a few of my favourite picks:

  • Kürtőskalács, also known as the chimney cake, can be found baking in street stalls around Budapest. This hollow cake is crispy on the outside but tender and soft on the inside. Get it fresh!