June Favourites

June was a bittersweet month. Although I was sad about it being my last month of traveling in Europe, part of me was also excited to be going home. After spending almost half a year abroad, I found myself really learning to appreciate my home back in Canada, especially the small things.


Here are some of my favourite products that I came across during my last month of traveling in June:


  • A Man Called Ove: I’ve never read a book as heartwarming yet comically written as A Man Called Ove. The main character is so sarcastic yet unforgiveably charming While the book probably made me cry about five times, it is still one of my favourites and I would highly, highly recommend it for a great read.
  • The Widow: I could not put this book down; it was a thrilling read that had me gripped with terror and adrenaline as I learned more and more with every page the secrets and thoughts that ran through the mind of the dead murderer’s wife.


  • Kiko Milano’s Eyebrow Marker: This was my first eyebrow liner ever, and I love it. It’s easy to apply and stays on the entire day.
  • Coconut Oil: After spending a lot of time outdoors in the heat in Greece, both my mum’s and my skin became very dry from prolonged sun exposure. Coconut oil is a natural remedy available in many grocery stores that heals and moisturizes dry skin. Using natural products such as coconut oil also reduce the risk of exposing your skin to any artificial or harsh chemicals.


  • Theobroma Chocolate (60% Dark Chocolate with Raspberry): I normally don’t like raspberry chocolate, but the dark bar made by Theobroma neatly tucks in morsels of dried raspberry (rather than your typical jam flavoring), giving the chocolate a refreshing and fruity textural burst.
  • Terra Carpo’s Sesame Candied Peanuts (Athens): This small coffee shop tucked away on the busy streets of Athens was filled with people when we went in to take a look. In addition to hot and cold beverages, this shop also sell snacks by weight, including different nuts and dried fruits. Their sesame candied peanuts are absolutely amazing (and insanely addictive).


  • Bershka Palazzo pants: These high-waisted pants are soft and flowy, so they’re great even during the summertime. I wore them when I was in Morocco, where females are highly encouraged to wear long pants, and the roominess of the pants ensured that I stayed cool despite the heat. I got the black pair, and they’re versatile in the way that they are able to match with many different tops.

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