December favourites pt. 2

I know, I know; I already wrote a December favourites post. But I’ve encountered such a number of wonderful products and activities since that I thought I would mention them in a part two. For Christmas this year, my family went to Horseshoe Valley in Barrie to do some skiing/snowboarding and to enjoy the spa facilities (and use up our remaining RMT benefits for the year.) It’s such a great time to get together with the family despite the cold weather… although I am also quite excited to escape to Cuba for the next few days.

Hope you are all enjoying your holidays! At the bottom is also a short list of the things that I would like to try in the new year (mostly restaurants haha).


Christmas buffet at Horseshoe Resort: This amazing buffet only happens once a year at Horsehoe; it’s $55 per person and well worth the price. There is a massive assortment of seafood such as smoked salmon, mackerel, trout, oysters, and a large variety of hot dishes including carved roast beef, butternut squash ravioli, turkey, and roasted root vegetables. The dessert spread is just as elaborate, featuring housemade sticky toffee pudding, cherries jubilee flambé over vanilla ice cream, crème brulee, and cheesecake. This is definitely a Christmas buffet worth trying. I know for a fact that a dinner spread as decadent as this could not be found for the same price in Toronto.

Ben and Jerry’s non-dairy chocolate fudge brownie: What a time to be alive, my vegan and lactose-intolerant friends – this amazing ice cream is made with almond milk and is nothing short of phenomenal. There is a strong aroma from the almonds, and the pint is loaded with lots and lots of gooey brownie bites. Finally a decadent alternative to the typical sorbet served as the non-dairy option.

Apple tempura from Ichiban Fish House: This is one of my family’s favourite places for sushi in Richmond Hill; we often order a medium sushi boat and side vegetable tempura to share. What’s special about Ichiban’s tempura is the type of vegetables they fry, which includes juicy shimeji mushrooms, asparagus, and even apples.


Horseshoe Resort Spa: I recently got an RMT at this spa and quite enjoyed my experience; the masseuse was well-knowledgeable and used heat pads and a remote reclining chair as part of the experience. Any spa services also include access to the pool, hot tub, and sauna.

Shopping at First Canadian Place (FCP): I never realized until recently how great the shops were in First Canadian Place; there’s a Drake General Store, Indigo, M Boutique, Papyrus, and many, many more. It makes it quite convenient to do some quick gift shopping on the weekdays since FCP is centrally located within the Path. I scored some great last-minute deals at Indigo and the Drake General Store.

Vinyasa Flow at Yoga Tree: I highly enjoyed Yoga Tree’s vinyasa yoga – an active, flowing class that helps improve strength and flexibility. What’s different about this class is that students place their mats in two horizontal lines facing each other rather than towards the mirror, creating a harmonious sense of unity within everyone in attendance.

Things I would like to try in the new year (in no particular order):

  • General Assembly Pizza
  • Assembly Chef’s Hall
  • Byblos
  • Make my own ravioli (with butternut squash stuffing??)
  • Mitzi’s café for brunch
  • Get pasta at that little Italian stand at St. Lawrence Market
  • Buca in King West
  • Try a Pilates class

December favourites

December is by far one of my favourite months in the year. Reflecting back, I think one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned this year is dealing with change – something that is irrevocably tied with the uncertainty of the future.

Most people tend to dislike change, understandably. It’s uncomfortable. It makes what was once familiar no longer, and our perception of the future ambiguous. But lately, I’ve come to the realization that change can be good. It’s uncomfortable at first because it was nice to have latched onto something for so long that when it’s gone, it creates a sense of emptiness. But in reality, that disappearance or shift isn’t a bad thing. It’s just different. And that notion of something being different initially sets off alarms in our brains, signaling it as negative. But it’s not. Things have just changed, and maybe for the better. It may take a bit of time to get used to, but eventually, it will. And once it does, everything will be even better than it was before.

And sometimes it’s nice to just take a breather and get away for a little. I did a small road trip to Montreal this past weekend ad had a great time exploring this new city, trying new things, and eating different foods.

With that being said and in spirit of the holiday season, these are a few of my favourite things that I’ve come across this month (in Toronto and Montreal)

Drink picks

Notorious G.R.E from IQ: This smoothie tastes as good as it is for your body. It’s made of spinach, kale, cucumber, parsley, celery, lemon juice, chia, coconut water and pineapple. For those who don’t usually like greens in their drinks, the tropical fruits in this mix perfectly balance and hide the more bitter taste of the greens.

Soy dark hot chocolate from Marche: The hot chocolate here is made with real blocks of dark cocoa. I get it with soy milk, as it nicely balances the sweet and bitter tones of the cocoa, creating the perfect cup of dark hot chocolate.

Chai latte with soy from Mos Mos: As you may or may not already know from previous posts, I am a big, big fan of Mos Mos in the Path. I recently tried their chai latte with soy milk, and would definitely add it to my list of must-try drinks from this place.

Latté from Strange Love: this is a lovely cozy café near the intersection of King and Spadina. I recently went there to get an almond milk latté and stayed much longer in their seating area than anticipated. It’s a great spot to hideaway from the cold; will be back to try some specialty drinks on their menu.

Food picks:

Artichokes from Buca: I recently went to the Yorkville location, and was overall quite impressed with the food and service of this Italian restaurant. In particular, I loved the crisp artichokes. They were fried to perfection, and carried a sweet taste from the prosciutto san daniele, saba, and parmigiano reggiano. I also strongly recommend the black cod, which was cooked so well it literally melted on my tongue like sweet butter.

Raw espresso cacao bar from Crave: This was the most amazing vegan brownie I’ve ever had. It has a bold, rich flavor from the espresso and cacao with a subtle nutty taste. Definitely makes for a good pick-me-up mid-afternoon!

Gingerbread cupcake from Prairie Girl Cupcakes: This beloved cupcake shop in the Path makes great cupcakes to start with, and their gingerbread holiday version is spectacular. The batter carries just the right amount of spice, and the topping is sweet and rich – paired together, they create the most delightful festive treat.

Good Thins, the beet one: these crispy air-like crackers are crimson in colour, with a strong savoury beet taste. Quite unique to other crackers on the shelves, I’d recommend giving this flavour a try!

Da Geppetto – Casoncelli ai Funghi Porcini: This beautiful new restaurant on Temperence makes some of the most wonderful Italian dishes in Toronto. I highly recommend trying the handmade Casoncelli filled with porcini and ricotta, butter, sage, and topped with parmigiano sauce and black truffle shavings. The pasta itself is cooked al dente and the filling is buttery and rich; make sure to save room for dessert though – the mini Nutella bombes are also delicious.

Montreal eat picks: Schwartz deli meat

Since the 1920’s, Schwartz has been making phenomenal smoked meat in Montreal. Their sandwiches are piled high with layers and layers of delectable deli meat, and the texture of these layers combined with the smoked flavour is absolutely remarkable. The restaurant itself is quite small and reminded me of the famous pizza place in Naples- always bustling and crowded even at two in the afternoon. However busy, making a stop here is a must when visiting Montreal. Their poutine and coleslaw are also amazing and worth a try while you’re here.

St. Viator bagels

One of the oldest places making authentic Montreal style bagels, St. Viator makes all sorts including my favourites, rosemary & salt and all-dressed. I recommend visiting the Mont-Royal location as there is a café seating area serving bagel sandwiches such as smoked meat and BLT. If you do visit, order along with your bagel a Colombian French-pressed coffee, which carries an impressively aromatic tropical citrus taste.

Things to do:

Four seasons spa: Nothing compares to this spa experience, especially in the deadpan of winter when the weather outside is dreadfully freezing. I got the aromatherapy relaxation massage using lavender oil; not only was the aroma heavenly but the massage itself was incredible, perfectly targeting all the tense areas. The facilities are also luxurious, clean, and the service highly attentive.

Second city – The Good the bad & the ugly sweater: I am a big fan of Second City, and their holiday special show was absolutely hilarious. The sketches exaggerate the situations we often find ourselves in during the holiday, yet remain highly relatable. Definitely worth watching for a good laugh! Fun fact: the star of Heartland got cold-called up to the stage as an audience guest during the show that I attended.

ROM FNL: I love visiting museums, and the Friday Night Live experience at the ROM takes it to the next level. Drinks and finger foods are available for purchase as guests wander around; the grand hall is also converted to a dance floor. Definitely a fun way to explore and learn (or not) about all the different exhibits! I went while the Christian Dior exhibit was playing, which showcases many of the designer’s stunning pieces.

November favourites

Can’t believe it’s the end of November.

It’s been such a busy time; I feel like everyone is trying to get as much stuff done as possible before the holidays. Then again – I am so excited for the upcoming festive season. I recently went to the Christmas Market in the Distillery District, which was so beautiful – and really getting me into the holiday spirit!


Here are some of my favourites that I’ve come across this month:


Ilia lip crayon: Finally a lipstick that doesn’t dry my lips out – the Ilia lip crayon applies on smoothly and is packed with healing oils of coconut, sesame and cranberry seed. I recommend the 99 balloons shade for a subtle dark red tint.

Lancome makeup remover: I highly recommend this gentle makeup remover, which powerfully wipes away eye makeup, including waterproof types. It leaves my eyes feeling cool and refreshed, with no oily residue, and is ideal for contact lens wearers as well.

Lancome eyebrow pencil: This pencil is known for its “ultra precision” advantage; the automatic twist-up system is easy-to-use and gives a natural yet defined look to the brows.



Haagen Dazs cookie dough dynamo: a classic done right, I highly recommend – especially when served with carrot cake or apple pie.

Kupfert and Kim raw cacao vanilla energy balls: these vegan treats are my absolute favourite mid-day snack or dessert – they’re rich and chocolatey but made with wholesome ingredients.

Mimi & Liloo’s Dark Chocolate Sweet Cinammon: this chocolate bar has immediately become one of my favourites; it’s creamy and pairs the bold taste of dark cacao with delicious hints of cinnamon.



Matcha green tea energy bites: These are delicious for breakfast or for snack, packed full of rich flavor from the matcha and coconut flakes. I also add in 4-5 dates, which I find helpful in making the batter stick together better.



Hot stone RMT at Step up: I was initially scared to try hot stone, but after my first one, I’ve realized that the heat from the hot stones are able to give a much deeper touch of relaxation than most regular RMTs. Highly recommend if you are feeling increased soreness or tension in your muscles.

Tea tree oil: Recently ordered this product form Amazon, and I love it – the scent is soothing and the oil is particularly healing for the skin when mixed with creams, shampoos, or carrier oils.

Tweet Tweet Deodorant: After reading a few articles about the harmful toxins in many deodorants, I’ve switched to one made of all-natural ingredients. I highly recommend the lavender Tweet Tweet deodorant, which is made with natural and organic ingredients (and carries an amazing scent as well).

Niagara picks

There are many, many sides to Niagara.

First, there’s the Falls and all the touristy attractions on Clifton Hill. Then there’s the “more refined” side by Niagara-on-the-lake, which consists of all the different vineyards, wineries, and boutique food shops. I did a roadtrip to Niagara this past weekend, and thought I would share my top picks in this region (as the number of options in this area can be a bit overwhelming).


Vineyard picks

Konzelmann Estate Winery: I would highly recommend doing a tour at this vineyard; we were also able to find a Groupon for an intimate winery tour with tasting for about $7 each. The guide was incredibly knowledgeable at explaining the entire wine process and answering any questions. The tasting in the winery’s cellar was also quite elaborate, serving a complimentary assortment of cheese & meats, and featured many different wines from the estate. I recommend trying Konzelmann’s peach white wine, which is made with peaches from local farms in Niagara.

Small Talks Vineyard is mostly popularly known for its Shiny Apple Cider. Tastings here are fairly inexpensive, and there are many discount packages available online as well. I highly recommend trying the Shiny Bootleg Spice Cider, which has a nice spice kick to the typical cider taste, as well as the Dessert Anyone Riesling Icewine.

Trius Winery: This vineyard is so beautiful and grand, and its shop offers affordable tastings of many different wines. My favourite was the Showcase Cabernet Franc Icewine 2015, which carries a strong bold flavor that contrasts nicely with the sweet icewine. However, at its $90 price point, I got the Late Harvest Vidal Icewine 2015 for $22 (which still tastes incredible!) Pro tip – if you eat at the Trius restaurant, use the receipt to get a $5 discount on any purchase in-store.


Food picks

Trius wines brunch: The three-course brunch at this beautiful restaurant at Trius Wines in Niagara is a bit on the pricier side ($42) but well worth the value for the quality and quantity. As a pro tip, inform your waiter if you are visiting to celebrate a special occasion, as everyone at the table will receive a complimentary full glass of sparkling white wine!

For starters, I got the fresh Ontario mozzarella with cured prosciutto, red wine pear, and organic arugula. The cheese was so fresh, and tasted incredible when paired with the sweet pear and salty cured meat. 

trius appetizer.jpg


For my main, I got the Atlantic lobster cakes served with icewine smoked salmon, poached hens eggs, and icewine beets. The lobster meat was so tender and flavourful, and it complemented the strong taste of the smoked salmon and creamy egg yolk perfectly.

trius main.jpg

For dessert, I got the Icewine pear, served with a caramel, chocolate, and cheese cake bar. The icewine pear was divine, soaked in the sweet boozy taste of Niagara’s famous icewine, and it contrasted nicely with the nutty caramel taste of the cheese cake bar.

jh - niagara dessert

Koutouki Niagara: This Greek restaurant near Clifton Hill is quite homey, and is perfect for ordering sharing plates for large format dinners. I would recommend trying the chicken souvlaki, which was incredibly tender and juicy, as well as the combination spread platter to try the restaurant’s assortment of Greek-style dips.


Activity picks

Winter Festival of Lights: The holiday lights at Niagara are beautiful (even when it’s raining), so I highly recommend driving through to take a look.


Clifton hill fun pack: Glow-in-the dark mini put is actually a lot of fun, as are the other activities here like the laser maze and the canon ball shoot (even for a couple of twenty-year-old’s).

Butterfly conservatory: This Niagara Parks Botanical Garden features over 2,000 butterflies, made up of 45 different species, that may flutter up to visitors (perfect for photo opportunities!)


Autumn style picks

Let’s face it – dressing for the fall season can be hard. I always struggle with the cold transition – should I layer up? Is it that cold that I should wear my winter jacket? Can I wear tights under a skirt and still be warm?

Here are some of the outfit styles that I have been playing with during this chillier weather:

Fall outings

I recently dug up an old pair of overalls from my closet (don’t even know where they came from, to be honest). I’m really happy I found them since they go well with many fall tops, such as a large fluffy sweater, a turtleneck, or even a light long-sleeve on sunnier afternoons in autumn. Jean overalls also tend to be quite warm on their own, especially due to the extra protection up top.

Overalls: Old Navy
Black turtleneck: H&M
Sunglasses: Primark


Morning coffee runs

I love layering in the fall, and have grown especially fond of this black romper I got from Oak + Fort. It has a V-neck plunge that goes well with a simple turtleneck or a long sleeve shirt. I wear it with black tights and ankle boots for warmth now, but have also worn it during the summer with a simple black bralette or tank top underneath.

Grey turtleneck: Forever XXI
Black romper: Oak + Fort
Black tights: H&M


Girls night out:

Longer skirts are key for fancier outings during this cold season. I found this silky pleated skirt to be quite versatile – it can be paired with a tight black turtleneck for sleeker events, or toned down with a cropped black crew neck sweater for more casual outings.

Black Turtleneck: H&M
Pleated pink skirt : H&M


Fancy events:

Jumpers are a good option for formal events during the fall since they keep your legs warm even if you wander outside for a little (given that you still wear a jacket). It’s also quite fun (and liberating) to wear wide-legged pants on the dance floor.

Jumper: M Boutique
Heels: Call it Spring 




November always feels like a transitional month – from autumn to winter, from fallen leaves to snow, from Halloween to Christmas. Maybe it’s this feeling of transition and renewal that I’ve been focusing more on wellness this month. I’ve been exercising about five times a week, either going to the gym or attending a fitness class, reading more news articles, booking RMTs, listening to podcasts. There’s a lot of chatter about wellness nowadays – but really, in an age where you often don’t feel productive unless your calendar is booked from morning to night, it really is important to regularly take a step back to re-assess your own well-being.


Here are some of the things that I’ve been doing in the theme of wellness

Hot Yoga

There is something about doing yoga in a sauna-like studio that I find calming – almost as though I’m sweating away all my stress and responsibilities.

Lavender (or other pleasant-smelling) creams

I recently bought a new cream from Lush called Sleepy, which is made of fresh ingredients including oatmeal infusion, almond oil, lavender water, and cocoa butter. I find the lavender smell extremely soothing, and the oatmeal components particularly beneficial for my dryer skin during this cold weather.

Mindful diet

I’m a firm believer that people should eat whatever makes them feel good without restriction, but at the same time, understanding and being aware of how their diet make them feel. For instance, I know that my body can’t take too much oil – if I eat too many fried foods in one day, I’ll become really tired or even nauseous. Focus your diet on foods that make you feel good and provide sustainable energy for the day.

Peppermint Tea

I started drinking peppermint tea because it was complimentary at my yoga studio, and found that the minty taste had a rather soothing effect on my state of mind and body. This is especially nice now that the weather has gotten much colder.

Re-focused wardrobe

I believe that feeling good stems from both the inside and the outside. If you feel good about the way you look, that in turn helps boost self-confidence, morale, and well-being. Spend time re-organizing your wardrobe, playing with different outfits, and shaping your personal style. I recently bought some fleece heat-tech turtlenecks at Uniqlo for $20 that are quite versatile (and warm!), as well as really good pair of high-waisted jeans (surprisingly, to be honest) at Brandy Melville for $50.

RMT (Massages)

Massages tend to be rather expensive, so I never did any until this year when I started working and was provided with insurance coverage for RMT. If your workplace has RMT coverage, USE IT! I know way too many people who don’t utilize their benefits enough. My favourite places in Toronto so far are H20 Float and Hot Stone at Step Up clinic. I like booking massages on Friday evenings as a way to de-stress at the end of a long week, or on Sunday evenings as a refresher for the week ahead.


I never used to like running. When I was at school, I always found going to the gym a chore rather than something I actually wanted to do. However, now that I’ve started working and am sitting in a chair most of the day, I find myself wanting to go for a run after (or before) work. Even after a long day when I feel mentally exhausted, I find it surprisingly de-stressing to go for a run while jamming to some vigorous music.

October favourites

October was a busy month for me, and a month of change. I wrapped up my first case of my first full-time job, and officially graduated from university (woo!)

Here are some of my favourites that I’ve come across this fall month.



  • Jimmy’s Coffee chili dark hot chocolate: This creamy dark hot chocolate has a nice (mild) hint of spice, perfect for the cold weather. Jimmy’s coffee on Portland and King is also quite a cozy spot to tuck away during this rainy season.
  • Rise ginger kombucha: This fizzy drink is a great afternoon pick-me-up, carrying a nice kick from the ginger and a strong sparkle as well.
  • Kupfert and Kim cappuccino with coconut milk (& maple syrup): Coconut milk complements coffee incredibly – and paired together with some maple syrup, makes for one of the best cappuccinos I’ve ever had.


  • Yoga Tree’s Flow in the six: Most yoga classes play soothing, wordless music in the background (which is nice) but what’s even better is the Flow in the six class at Yoga Tree, where Drake songs are played all throughout class. There’s just something about doing a chaturanga to rap that I find quite satisfying.
  • Yride at YYoga: I tried the spin class at this yoga-focused studio for the first time, and was quite happy with my experience. Picture a more cheerful hippie version of Soul Cycle.


  • Hello 123: This new vegan bar, which recently opened on Queen St W, is created by the same people behind Kupfert and Kim – and it’s absolutely amazing. I had the charred cabbage and ceasar, which was seared to perfection alongside some sunflower seed croutons. The cocktails here are also super strong.
  • Impact Kitchen Mineral bowl: The power bowls here are locally sourced and come in a variety of different flavours. My “Mineral bowl” had kimchi, soft-boiled eggs, kale, sesame tossed kelp noodles, and radish. This is a great spot to get a healthy lunch on the east side of Toronto.
  • Planta restaurant: I loved everything about this restaurant from the beautiful decor to the amazing food and the friendly service. I got the Moroccan salad and iced coffee with coconut milk, and they were both absolutely delicious. I can definitely see myself coming back to try some of their other dishes.
  • Taco farm tortilla chips: I tried these for the first time from the Kitchener Farmer market (although Taco farm has its own brick-and-mortar location in Waterloo too), and their tortilla chips were absolutely amazing. It’s made with only three ingredients (oil, corn flour, and salt), yet has a great taste and crunch.
  • Nadege champagne macaron: A small macaron jam-packed with the fragrant taste of champagne – basically your favourite celebration drink in the form of a tiny dessert.


  • H20 Float: I’ve heard so many things about hydro float therapy (good and bad) that it was about time that I tried it out for myself. Essentially, you float in a pool of super salty water (either in a closed pod or open-concept tub), where your body floats effortlessly to release any tension, pain, or anxiety. I did the 1-hour session and my body felt surprisingly relieved and my skin extraordinarily soft afterwards. It was also so relaxing that I fell asleep halfway through my float. I loved my whole experience and the facility (super clean, professional); I would recommend others to try this at least once.
  • Step up massage: This massage center is no-frills and quite low-key (located next to a Burrito Boys on Adelaide) but delivered a great RMT. The service was professional, and the oils and hot towels used throughout the session provided a great experience that I would recommend to others looking for a massage place downtown.

September Favourites

September’s been a relatively busy month. I’ve started work and have since flown twice to Chicago for training sessions. I’ve also been drinking more coffee (getting back in that work routine) so there are a few caffeine drinks part of this month’s picks. I also went to the Stratford Festival one weekend, which was a great small-town getaway, and below you’ll find a gem of a restaurant recommended.

On the whole, here are a bunch of great little products and places I’ve come across this month.



  • Balzac’s Iced Americano: The Americano at Balzac’s is bold and crisp – just the way I like it (I despise watered down coffee beverages). This café also provides free of charge soy, almond, or coconut milk to add in beverages.
  • MOS MOS: This tiny coffee front inside the Toronto Path is always bustling – don’t be frightened by the long lines though, they tend to move very quickly. I usually go for the regular coffee with one milk and one sugar, a combination that almost tastes of a HK style milk coffee. I’ve recently also tried the chai matcha latte with soy milk, which is absolutely phenomenal.



  • Frank + Oak Women Jeans: I went to the Frank + Oak warehouse sale and got two pairs of jeans: a black pair, fitted at the top and flared at the bottom, and another pair that is white and fitted. I love the jean material, thick and sturdy. Each pair retails for $90 but the price dropped to $30 for this sale event.
  • Topshop Cigarette Cropped Dress Pants: I find it difficult to find work pants that aren’t baggy or boxy in shape, so I was quite happy to find the cigarette style ones at Topshop. These pants are high-waisted, tight at the waist and well-fitted. I bought a pair in black and navy blue, $45 each.



  • Bijou Crostini, Escargot, Weth Mushrooms, 63 Degree Egg, Smoked Cheese at BijouThis beautiful restaurant in Stratford served one of the best dishes I’ve ever had – a textural delight of escargot, creamy poached egg, and silky cheese; all-paired with a thick, crisp crostini. All the flavours worked incredibly well together.
  • Hungry Hippo Coconut Crisps: This snack is so flavourful, crisp, and relatively healthy. I got these coconut crisps at the annual Veg Fest in Toronto, but they’re also available at many grocery stores.
  • IKEA Veggie Meatballs: These veggie balls contain only natural ingredients, including corn, peas, and carrots, which you can actually see as whole pieces inside the balls. They’re flavourful and filling, and make for a healthy substitute to regular meatballs.



  • Lavender Oil Applicator: I stayed at the Westin hotel in Chicago, which provided in every room a small oil applicator scented with lavender. Its gentle scent is soothing, and it’s quite nice to apply some on the wrists or temples when trying to relax or before sleeping.
  • Samsonite Spinner Suitcase: The inside of this suitcase has straps to secure clothing and interior pockets to hold smaller items, helping users stay organized throughout their travels. The wheels also move any direction, allowing users to wheel their suitcase beside them in tighter corridors.

Humber Bay Park & Parkdale

Yesterday I went to Humber Bay Park, a waterfront park located in Etobicoke that is home to the new Toronto driftwood sign. Toronto locals Julie Ryan and Thelia Sanders-Shelton had worked in secret for seven days to build this sign, and it was the first time either of them had worked with driftwood. The sign is so beautiful, yet delicate, so be sure not to grab its posts when you are near it.


Nearby, someone else had built another driftwood sculpture. It resembles a man casually lounging by the lakeside and admiring the CN Tower in the distance.


Afterwards, we walked along the lakeside all the way to Parkdale, which begins where Queen St. and King St. meet. In this area, we stumbled across a thrift store called Common Sort. After digging around for a bit, I found a J. Crew denim vest for $20. I’ve actually had my eye on several denim vests for awhile now, so I was really happy to find this one, especially since the fabric is already worn in. I love how versatile this item is; I can wear it as a light jacket in the summer or layer it over a sweater in the fall.


I also got a leather peplum top for $18. I was never in the market for a top like this, but it fit my size perfectly so I just had to get it.


I was quite surprised by how busy Parkdale was on a Wednesday evening, although there are a lot of cool shops, bars, and restaurants in this area. We had dinner at the beloved Guu Izakaya, (from where I would highly recommend the cauliflower karaage and mushroom & cheese bibimbap if you go).

Last Stop: Athens

I realize that I never wrote about my last stop in Europe, which was to Athens, Greece. We flew there from the island of Santorini, which was only about an hour flight away. Warning: If you go to Athens in June, it is crazy hot. Many shops and restaurants close during the hottest hours in the afternoon (between 2 to 5 pm), which our Airbnb host described as a siesta-like period for Greeks.

There are many important historic monuments to check out in Athens, as well as cool flea markets and shops. As the capital of Greece and a major transportation hub, Athens is also a convenient place to do day trips from.

Here are a list of things to do (and around) Athens:

1. Acropolis of Athens

The main feature at the Acropolis is the Parthenon, dedicated by the Athenians to Athena Parthenos, the patron of their city. I highly recommend visiting this site in the morning, as it tends to be less hot since the sun hasn’t reached its full peak yet.


2. Take a ferry to Hydra

Athens is close to many islands, one of them being the island of Hydra, which is located in the Aegean Sea between the Saronic Gulf and the Argolic Gulf. There are short hikes you can do in Hydra to some beautiful beaches, where the water is as blue and clear as the sky. A one-way ferry trip to Hydra from Athens takes less than an hour.


3. Watch the sunset over the water

This is just one of those classic vacation things you must do in Greece. The photo below was taken while we were waiting at the dock in Hydra for our ferry back to Athens.


4. Visit the farmers market in Athens

It’s a little hard to communicate with vendors, who for the most part only speak Greek, but the farmer market in Athens was quite an interesting and fun experience. The produce here is really cheap; for instance, I bought a large bag of plump, juicy cherries (around 3 lbs) for two euros.


5. Explore Monastiraki

This flea market area is always buzzing with tourists and locals alike. There are tons of cool shops, cafes, bars, and souvenir shops to check out. I recommend trying a fish foot massage at Doctor Fish Athens, where you place your feet inside a tank and little fish nibble the dead skin off your feet. The sensation was really ticklish at first, but it soon became soothing and even nice. My feet also did in fact feel softer afterwards.


6. Buy some Greek sesame snacks & honey

We bought a lot of souvenirs, such as snacks and beauty products, to share with our friends back home. Most of the snacks we found in Greece contain either honey and/or sesame seeds. There were also a lot of olive oil products for sale in the markets; we bought cream and shampoo containing this ingredient, as well as some olive wood products.


7. Explore Coffee Shops

During the hottest hours of the afternoon (between two to five), many shops and restaurants are closed and it also tends to get too hot to wander outside – making it the perfect time to explore Athens’ coffee shops. There are tons of really neat ones around the city, my favourite being the cozy Little Tree Books & Coffee.


8. See the Acropolis at night

There are many restaurants with rooftop patios near the Acropolis of Athens, allowing guests to see the beautiful Acropolis light up at night. We visited Kuzina, as recommended to us by our local Airbnb host. This restaurant tends to get quite busy so be sure to make a reservation ahead of time.


9. Daytrip to Delphi

From Athens we took a day trip to Delphi, a famous ancient sanctuary about a two-hour drive away from Athens. The site is on the south-western slope of Mount Parnassus, overlooking the coastal plain to the south and the valley of Phocis. Showcasing monuments built by important ancient Greek city-statess, Delphi embodies Hellenic unity and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



Must-Try Foods 

Not only is Greece absolutely beautiful, but the country’s cuisine is also phenomenal. From street souvlaki to grilled squid, everything I ate was incredible – and at prices that I know I wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. Here are some dishes you have to try when in Greece:

1. Gyro and Souvlaki

Gyro is a special Greek delicacy consisting of meat, onion, tomato and tzatziki sauce served with pita bread. The gyro meat is cooked slowly on a vertical rotisserie and is served as strips or small slices of meat. Souvlaki is also a Greek dish, but is prepared as small meat cubes and grilled vegetables on a skewer. A great place to try these dishes is at Sfika, a restaurant that serves some of the best grilled meats in the city, according to our local host.


2. Greek Salad

Made with the perfect balance of feta cheese, crisp vegetables, and buttery croutons, the Greek salad at Kuzina Restaurant was absolute perfection.


3. Greek Frappé Coffee

The traditional frappé coffee is a Greek foam-covered iced coffee drink made from instant coffee, water and sugar. The frappé has become a hallmark of Greek coffee culture, and is available in virtually all coffee shops across Athens. I got one at Coffee Island, which sells a real strong traditional Greek frappé for 1.10 euros.


4. Asian Greek Fusion at Mr. Dim

This may sound almost silly, but this Greek Asian fusion shop called Mr. Dim served one of the best bao creations I’ve ever tasted. The tender, juicy gyros meat worked so well with the flavours of the Chinese sesame bao; even my Asian parents adored this fusion dish.


5. Grilled Squid

I highly recommend the grilled squid at Smile Restaurant, a local family-run business. I normally don’t love grilled squid because it tends to be too chewy for my liking, but the texture of this one was amazing and grilled to perfection.


6. Moussaka

This traditional Greek dish is either eggplant- or potato-based, and is layered with ground meat in a fashion similar to that of a lasagna.


7. Koulouria Thessalonikis

These giant sesame bagel-like treats are sold everywhere on the streets in Athens for typically less than one euro. They’re deliciously chewy on the inside, and carry a fragrant toasted sesame taste – perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack.


Happy traveling!